Vellipomakey Review

Vellipomake Review

Vellipomakey Review and Rating

Release date : September 2, 2017
Vellipomakey Rating : 1.75/5
Director : Ali Mohammad
Producer : K V Raghava Reddy, Balaraju Puri, Ali Mohammad
Music Director : Prashanth R Vihari
Starring : Vishvaksen, Supraja, Nithyasree Reddy


Chandu is a guy who works for an animation company in Hyderabad. He lives in a flat with his friends. He always busy with his work while his friends are spending their time with their girl friends. He desperately looks to fall in love to share his feelings. At this point of time two girls enters into his life, after that so many changes occurs in Chandu’s life. What are thos changes ? who are those two girls ? With whom Chandu will fall in love ? this is the remaining story.

Vellipomake Review :

These days small movies are making big sound at box office, this has been proved with Pelli Choopulu, Fidaa and Arjun Reddy. Established producers are helping small movies by releasing them under their banner, “Vellipomakey” is also such kind of film. Dil Raju has released this film under his banner. Whether it is a big or small cinema, it should have a strong story, screenplay, emotion to entertain the audience. 

But exactly those points mentioned above are missing in this movie. Director took a small point and tried to narrate it in two hours, that made the movie slow. There is no strong conflict point  There is no strong characters in this movie, at least director didn’t tried to elevate any character in the film. The first is all about the hero’s character and his firends and office environment. Second half of the film deals with his love with Swetha.

The point which director took doesn’t have a strong conflict point, which is not enough to make a feature film. At least there is no sharp dialogues or comedy to entertain the audience. The lead actors action and music are only plus points in the movie. Instead of dragging a small story, director should have worked more on the story and screenplay.     


Strengths :

  • Music
  • Lead actors 


  • Slow Narration
  • Screenplay
  • Dialogues
  • Story


Its a two hours length short film


Telugu movie Ratings at Cinefocuz rates the movie as  1.75/5


Rating Explanation : 

3.5 & Above Rating  – MASTERPIECE

3.25 Rating – VERY GOOD – Must Watch

3.0 Rating – GOOD – Try Not To Miss

2.75 Rating – GOOD ENOUGH – Worth Your Money

2.5 Rating – WATCHABLE


2.0 Rating – LOTS TO IMPROVE