Veedevadu Review

Veedevadu Review

Veedevadu Review and Rating

Veedevadu Review and Rating

  • Release date : September 15, 2017
  • Veedevadu Rating : 2.25/5
  • Director : Tatineni Satya
  • Producer : Raina Joshi
  • Music :  S. Thaman
  • Starring : Sachiin J. Joshi, Esha Gupta
  • Banner : Viiking Media and Entertainment
  • Cinematography : Binendra Menon
  • Editor : Prawin Pudi

Veedevadu in Telugu, Yaar Ivan in Tamil is an upcoming Indian bilingual action drama film written and directed by Tatineni Satya. Shot in Telugu and Tamil, the film features Sachiin J. Joshi and Esha Gupta in the lead roles, with Prabhu also in a pivotal role. Featuring music composed by S. Thaman, the venture began production in May 2015.

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Goa police arrests Satya (Sachin Joshi) on the charges of murdering wife. After court hearing they him to Goa jail on remand for 14 days. Police department appointments a special investigation officer. Once he starts investigating the case, he try to find out the truth, but fails until the truth revealed by Satya itself. What is the truth ? Why did he killed her wife ? what happens in the climax ? to know the answers, watch it on big screen. 

Veedevadu Review :

Almost all crime thrillers will have the same plot, they start with a crime scene then investigation continues till the climax then they will reveal the suspense in climax to thrill the audience. But the success of any crime thriller depends on gripping narration and screenplay. most of the crime thriller end up as boring movie due to lack of gripping screenplay, like Veedevadu movie.

Director took all elements required for a crime thriller but failed to present them on screen. Except climax and “Arerey Veedevadu” song, there is no interesting scene in the movie. There is no proper lip movement while saying a dialogue due to most of the actors are from other language industries.

Backgroung music is too loud and putdated. Harsha Vardhan and Srinivas reddy’s comedy is below average because of routine dialogues. Only Clima, “Arerey Veedevadu” song, investigative officer and Prabhu’s action are the plus points in the movie


Strengths :

  • Climax
  • “Arere Veedevadu” Song
  • Investigation office and Prabhu’s action


  • Screenplay
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Cinematography


Not much Thrilling


Telugu movie Ratings at Cinefocuz rates the movie as :   2.25/5


Rating Explanation : 

3.5 & Above Rating  – MASTERPIECE

3.25 Rating – VERY GOOD – Must Watch

3.0 Rating – GOOD – Try Not To Miss

2.75 Rating – GOOD ENOUGH – Worth Your Money

2.5 Rating – WATCHABLE


2.0 Rating – LOTS TO IMPROVE

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