Vaishakham Movie Review

Vaishakham movie review

Vaishakham movie review and rating

Release date : July 21, 2017
Vaishakham movie Rating : /5
Director : Jaya B
Producer : B.A Raju
Music Director : D.J Vasanth
Starring : Harish, Avanthika Mishra

B. Jaya is one of the few lady directors that Tollywood have and she had directed movies like ‘Chantigadu’ and ‘Lovely’ to name a few. Her latest offering ‘Vaishakam’ is produced by B A Raju with Harish and Avanthika Mishra in the lead roles released today. Jaya is directing a film after almost a gap of 5 years now and let’s see if it has reached the audience expectations. Vaishakham starring Harish and Avantika Mishra in the lead roles.


Venu (Harish) lives in an apartment and uses everyone living in that apartment some way or the other to fulfill his deeds, Bhanu (Avanthika) rents an flat in the same apartment acting as Venu’s girl friend and starts running a beauty parlour. Venu comes to know of it and starts acting as her boy friend as his own pride is at stake.

Venu and Avanthika become friends and eventually start loving each other but keep fighting all the time and disturbances start to creep in and they both get separated. Did Bhanu vacate the flat? Why did she come to stay at that apartment?  How did their love story end? Watch it on your favorite screens.

Vaishakham movie review:

The emotional track between two individuals who always quarrel with each other but can’t live without each other is quite natural and reflects the day to day life of any individual; the whole story revolves around this point. The first of is full of comical scenes with the quarrels of the lead pair and their egos. The second half of the movie is full of emotional scenes and quite well handled by the director Jaya.

Scenes between hero and his mother, heroes flash back, and senior actor Sai Kumar’s role in the second half are the main pillars of the story. ‘This is mine and the very feeling is too great to have’,  is what the wanted to preach in this movie.

Though the story line is very good, it requires equally good actors to carry the movie failing which the audience will not connect it and the same thing happened with this movie too, and one would surely think that the director should have casted better actors in this movie.

By the time movie reaches the climax one would not at all understand why the hero of the movie is behaving so weirdly and we have to wait till the very last to know what is the exact story and what was going on till now.  It would have been good if the love track between the lead pair was given more concentration. Comedy is too routine and was not attractive at all. Harish and Avanthika did justice to their roles as the others who acted in the movie.

Plus Points:

  • Story Point
  • Songs
  • Emotional Scenes

Negative Points:

  • Second Half
  • Screen Play

Vaishakham movie Rating by  2.25/5