Teja against the interviews, not giving a chance to the media

Teja against the interviews

Teja against the interviews: Besides the success of Baahubali and busy hosting a TV show No 1 Yaari , Rana’s ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ the latest movie with Kajal as lead female role is getting ready for release in the direction of Teja who is known for his different movies is all set. The movie released date was announced  and is hitting the screens on 11th of August. The promotions are in full swing for the movie and the whole media is waiting for one the interview of one person who is none other than the director Teja. The director says no interviews for the next ten years.

Yes, Teja is not available for any interviews, not giving a chance to the media and bluntly rejected saying that he will not be giving any interviews to the media. He added saying that this decision is not for this movie alone but for the next 10 years he will not be available to media and will not give any interviews is what he said reportedly.

Teja is known for his straight forward nature and talks anything openly which led him into problems sometimes, though he talks smooth it stings to whoever are concerned which led to many misunderstandings. Keeping all this in mind Teja out rightly rejected the media and said he will not be available for any interviews for the next 10 years.

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