Srivalli Review

Srivalli Review Rating

Srivalli Review and Rating

శ్రీవల్లీ తెలుగు రివ్యూ

Srivalli Review and Rating

  • Release date : September 15, 2017
  • Srivalli Rating : 2/5
  • Director : K.V. Vijayendra Prasad
  • Producer : B.V.S.N. Rajukumar
  • Music : M.M.Sreelekha
  • Starring : Rajath, Neha Hinge
  • Banner : Reshmas Arts

Indian film screen writer and director K. V. Vijayendra Prasad’s another directorial venture “Srivalli” has been released on 15th September 2015. Srivalli is a tri-lingual thriller releasing in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages. Have a look at Srivalli Movie Theatrical Trailer.

It is the fourth film for K. V. Vijayendra Prasad as a director. His previous films as a director are Rajanna (2011), Sri Krishna (2006), Arthanghi (1996). He received Nandi Award for Best Feature Film for “Rajanna”. He got immense popularity as a story writer, lets see whether this movie can bring him the success as a director or not. 


Valli (Neha Hinge) and Gautham (Rajath) are childhood friends, and they like each other. Her father takes her to America to settle there. They return to India after 12 years. After returning to India her father establishes a charitable trust and transfers all his wealth to that trust. Unexpectedly Valli’s father dies in a car accident. As per her father’s last wish, she joins in Mangalore university along with Gautham to continue the research on brain waves. After starting the research lot of changes takes place in her life. What are those changes ? Who are the reason for thos changes ? How will she fight back ? to know the answers to all these questions watch it on big screen.


Srivalli Review :


Its very clear that director wanted to continue the suspense till end of the movie. He didn’t gave a chance to audience to guess what’s going to happen next. At the same time he did’t gave a chance to understand what’s happening and why its happening. Lot of twists and turns confuses the audience and they make them feel uncomfortable in the seats.

Along with these twists and turns dialogues, actors performances, background music, direction and screenplay are the other big drawbacks in the movie. Director choose a good story line but unable to present it on the screen with gripping screenplay and narration. Graphics used in most of the scenes, they look like old and outdated. 

Success of the thriller movies depends on the screen play and the strong characters. It would be better if the director concentrate more on the picturisation of the scenes. Overall “Srivalli” is a bad science fiction thriller. 

Strengths :

  • Story line


  • Direction
  • Screen Play
  • Dialogues
  • Background Music
  • Graphics


Boring science fiction thriller


Telugu movie Ratings at Cinefocuz rates the movie as :   2/5


Rating Explanation : 

3.5 & Above Rating  – MASTERPIECE

3.25 Rating – VERY GOOD – Must Watch

3.0 Rating – GOOD – Try Not To Miss

2.75 Rating – GOOD ENOUGH – Worth Your Money

2.5 Rating – WATCHABLE


2.0 Rating – LOTS TO IMPROVE

శ్రీవల్లీ తెలుగు రివ్యూ