Shivalinga Telugu Movie Review and Rating

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Release Date: 14th, April 2017
Director: P.Vasu
Music Director: S. Thaman
Produced by: Ramesh P.Pillai
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Starring: Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh

After the success of Kanchana, Ganga, Raghava Lawrence is back to the horror genre again as Shivalinga. It is releasing in both the languages Telugu and Tamil on this Friday, April 14th as Puthandu (Tamil New Year) festival special. Here is our review on Shivalinga Movie.


Shivalingeswar(Lawrence) is a CBCID officer who is given the responsibility of cracking a unique murder mystery. As time passes by, he gets hitched to Satyabhama(Ritika Singh) who is in turn possessed by an evil spirit. An upset Shiva is left with the responsibility of handling both his personal and professional problems at once. Who is this evil spirit? Why is she attacking Satya? Does it have any connection with the murder mystery? and how does Shiva crack this case? That forms the rest of the story.


Yesteryear director P. Vasu has a reputation of making films like “Chandramukhi”. And going by “Shivalinga”, he did live up to the name and all the hype that surrounded the film. Right from the word go, the film turns interesting when we’re seen a murder on a moving train. And the victim is accompanied by his pigeon Sara that’s as smart and loyal as dog and loves its owner totally. The investigation of Shiva begins with pigeon giving a lead.

First half is quite engaging. Thaman’s background score elevates scenes. Ritika has shown her acting brilliance when she has a ghost in her. Logics mostly have been justified. Attention to detail is good. Vasu’s experience is reflected in the film.

However, post-interval, the film gets slow. Some scenes between Vadivelu and Lawrence during the second half irritate you to an extent. Loses steam initially with unnecessary comedy and song objecting the flow of the narrative. But as the film progresses, it picks up and suspense element makes you hook to your seats. Pre-climax and climax scenes are good. Dialogues are decent. Editing by Suresh is decent and so were the production values by Ramesh Pillai and his team as the dubbing done is apt.


Shiva Lingaa is yet another decent horror thriller from Lawrence. Interesting storyline clubbed with good suspense. over all one time watchable movie.

Shivalinga Rating: 2.75/5


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