Salman Khan Gift to Sharukh Khan

Salman Khan's gift to Sharukh Khan

Salman khan has a huge heart and is known for his gifts he gives to others, its rumoured that the gifts can also be huge homes sometimes. He has a very good habit of remembering the support or help he gets from his co stars and reciprocate to them with big gifts. This time it’s Sharukh Khan who is on the receiving end of the gift from Salman Khan. Salman Khan‘s gift to Sharukh Khan was a  branded costly car.

We all know that Sharukh has done a special cameo in Salman’s TUBELIGHT recently and though its an important role for the film keeping in mind its duration Sharukh did not take any remuneration for this movie.

Though the movie Tubelight ended up as a flop Salman gave a costly Benz car to Salman as a gift raised many an eyebrows and became talk for the industry. Salman visited sharukh on his shooting spot and gifted this car personally. Most of the times these cameos acted as a very important part of the movie and helped the movies in their success, but this time things din’t work out.

Salman is also playing a cameo in Sharukh’s next film and we have to see how Sharukh reciprocates this time. Keep watching for more updates

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