Patel Sir Movie Review

Patel sir movie review

Patel Sir movie Review:

Release Date: July14

Director: Vasu Parimi

Producer: Sai Korrapati

Music:  DJ Vasanth

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Padma Priya, Tanya Hopea, Subba Raju, Kabir Duhan Singh.

Jagapathi Babu is very busy these days in his second innings as a Character Artist and Villain. It’s been long time he has acted as hero and he attempted it with Patel Sir but made sure he did not touch the regular commercial formula movies but tried a revenge drama according to his age. His Look in the movie gained too many a praises and the teaser and trailer attracted the audience equally. The movie had released today and let’s sees how it fared.


Subash Patel alias Patel Sir (Jagapathi Babu) is a retired army major who was fought in the Kargil war and is a great soldier who fought for the country and won many awards. Patel wants his son Vallabh also played by Jagapathi Babu to join the army and serve the nation, but vallabh is not keen in joining the army moves out from his father, becomes a doctor and settles in a foreign land.

Patel sir eliminates the ganga members of Devraj (Kabir Duhan Singh) who runs a very big drug racket one by one and his last target is Devraj.

What is the connection between Patel sir and Devraj Gang? What happened to Vallabh? Is the story.


Jagapathi Babu looks amazing as Patel sir and he had delivered a punching performance, he absolutely looked different in the movie and had shown his variation in the father and son role. He proved why he is so much in demand now and never went overboard in his acting and showed his own style of subtle acting again. Kabir Duhan Singh did a ok role as a movie nothing great about it. Padma Priya who acted as the wife of Vallabh and Subbaraju who acts his friend did justice to their roles.

Baby Dolly who got a full length role along with Jagapathi Babu attracted with her cute performance and looks. Posani Krishna Murali as powder Pandu evokes some laughter.

The Interval twist was very good and not at all expected. The first completely concentrates on taking revenge on the gang members of the villain rather than the villain was quite routine and the screen play was ok.

Vasu Parimi’s attempt as director to bring Jagapathi Babu to the hero roles might be that successful. DJ Vasanth’s music is ok and the melody song and back ground music scores well. Shyam K Naidu’s photography is very good and the production values by Varahi are always very good.


  • Jagapathi Babu’s acting
  • Interval and climax twists
  • Posani Comedy


  • Poor making of the movie
  • Slow narration
  • First half

Patel Sir movie Rating: 2.75/5