Okkadu Migiladu Telugu Movie Review

Okkadu Migiladu Telugu Movie Review

Okkadu Migiladu Telugu Movie Review

Okkadu Migiladu Telugu Movie Review and Rating 

  • Release date : 10th November 2017
  • Okkadu Migiladu Rating : 2.25/5 (COULD STILL HAVE BEEN BETTER)
  • Director : Ajay Andrews Nuthakki
  • Producer : S.N.Reddy and N.Laxmi Kanth
  • Music : Siva Nandigam
  • Starring : Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose 
  • Banner : Padmaja Films India Pvt Ltd
  • Cinematography: V.K.RamaRaju

Story :

Surya (Manchu Manoj) is a Sri Lankan refugee who came to India in his childhood. He  is a Ph.D student (Political Science) in an University. Minister’s sons kill three girls in that university. Surya knows that truth and starts fighting for the justice peacefully. In this process Surya gets some troubles from the police officers, but he gets the support of news reporter Swarna (Anisha Ambrose). With her support did he get the justice ? Why did Surya came to this country as a refugee? What’s his past? is the remaining story.

Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review :

Debutant director Ajay Andrews Nuthakki took a powerful story but failed to present it engagingly on screen. The story runs in the backdrop of LTTE movement which is very close to Tamil Nadu people. For this movie Manchu Manoj’s action is the main plus point. Manchu Manoj shows all the variations required for the two roles he played in this movie. Music Director Siva Nandigam gave an extraordinary Background music for this film. The main plus points in this film are Manchu Manoj’s action and Siva Nandigam’s Background music.

Director Ajay Andrews Nuthakki failed in telling this story in an interesting way. Lag in the screenplay throughout the film makes the audience uncomfortable. Another minus point is the the way director narrated the flash back. In the second half there is a 30 minutes boat scenes episode, which is another minus point for this film. Director has lot of scope to picturise those scenes more emotionally, but he didn’t used it well.

Heroine Anisha Ambrose is limited to some scenes only. The song which runs in the background is also failed in attracting the audience attention. V.K. Rama Raju’s cinematography is better. Production values of Padmaja Films India Pvt Ltd are good but the director was failed in using those production values.

Plus Points:

  • Manchu Manoj’s Action
  • Back Ground Music

Minus Points: 

  • Screenplay
  • Lag in Story
  • Extreme Violence

Okkadu Migiladu Rating : 2.25/5 (COULD STILL HAVE BEEN BETTER)

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Rating Explanation :

4.0 and Above – CLASSIC

3.75 Rating – MASTERPIECE

3.5 Rating – BLOCKBUSTER

3.25 Rating – SUPER HIT (Must Watch)

3.0 Rating – Hit (Try Not To Miss)

2.75 Rating – ABOVE AVERAGE (Worth Your Money)

2.5 Rating – AVERAGE


2.0 Rating – LOTS TO IMPROVE