Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review

Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review

Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review

Mental Madhilo Telugu Movie Review and Rating :

  • Release date : 24th November 2017
  • Mental Madhilo Rating : 2.75/5 (ABOVE AVERAGE)
  • Director : Vivek Athreya
  • Producer : Raj Kandukuri
  • Music : Prashanth R Vihari
  • Starring : Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj 
  • Banner : Dharmapatha Creations
  • Editor : Viplav

Story :

Aravind Krishna(Sree Vishnu) have a confused mindset by birth in choosing the options in front of him. His father decides to get him married to solve his confusion mindset. But every girl whom he meets, rejects him because of his confusion mindset. Finally he meets a girl called Swetcha(Nivetha Pethuraj), she accepts him. Then they fall in love with each other. Then one day Aravind goes to Mumbai on office work. There he meets Renu(Amrutha). Then his life starts changing because of her, what is that change ? Did Aravind and Swetcha will get married ?


Mental Madhilo Movie Review :

Even though the debutante Director Vivek Athreya took the old story but he succeeded to turn that story into an engaging screenplay. He succeeded in showing the hero’s character in a different way. The first-half of this movie is very entertaining, but the director failed to narrate the second-half of the movie in a gripping manner. If he narrated the second-half in a gripping way, this movie would become an another grand success like ‘Pellichoopulu’. The director succeeded in the characterization of both hero and heroine roles.

Hero Sree Vishnu already proved with his acting skills in his previous movies. In this movie he has earned stellar rating with his performance as a confused personality. Heroine Nivetha Pethuraj attracted the attention of the audience. The scenes between Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj are good. The romantic scenes between Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj will entertain the youth. The second heroine Amrutha didn’t get the attention of the audience because of her boring character. Shivaji Raja as a friendly father figure entertains the audience in his character role after a long gap.

As we come to Technical wing, firstly we should talk about the Music director Prashanth R Vihari. Because the songs composed by him are good and the background music is another highlight of this movie. Veda Ramani photography is poor because of too many close up shots. Second half needed better editing. The production values of Dharmapatha Creations are good. The another attraction this movie is Vivek Athreya’s dialogues. Overall the film Mental Madilo, may not be a choice for mass audience, but it will attract class audience and youth.

Plus Points:

  • First-Half
  • Prashanth R Vihari’s Music
  • Acting of Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj

Minus Points: 

  • Second-Half
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

Mental Madhilo Rating : 2.75/5 (ABOVE AVERAGE)

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Rating Explanation :

4.0 and Above – CLASSIC

3.75 Rating – MASTERPIECE

3.5 Rating – BLOCKBUSTER

3.25 Rating – SUPER HIT (Must Watch)

3.0 Rating – Hit (Try Not To Miss)

2.75 Rating – ABOVE AVERAGE (Worth Your Money)

2.5 Rating – AVERAGE


2.0 Rating – LOTS TO IMPROVE