Kona Venkat on Success Track

Kona Venkat on success track

Kona Venkat has struck the right chords in the making of the movie ‘Ninnu Kori’ which released yesterday and running successfully with packed houses all over. He partnered as a co-producer and also dialogue writer for this movie. In fact after the initial teasers and trailers came out everyone thought it would be too classy and may not connect to all kinds of audience but with the inclusion of the comedy element wherever possible in the movie worked wonders for the movie which routed Kona venkat on success track again .

Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan who jointly used to write movies had a certain formula which was considered to be Director Srinu Vaitla’s, all the characters in the movie end up in one house at a certain point of time which creates confusion leading to comedy, this is the main concept in any Kona Venkat’s writing.

The same formula has been implemented again in Ninnu Kori, where Nani ends up in Adi’s house where the heroine Nivetha is already there and Nani trying to woo her creates light comedy and with Heroines father Murali Sharma and Brother in law Prudhvi also joining the houses turns the movie into a laughter riot. The portion of the movie where all the characters are in the same house stands the highlight of the movie.

Kona Venkat belief in his sentiment worked out this time with some amazing acting and direction skills combined with a tight script in the helping side got back Kona venkat on success track after a long time.

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