Katamaraydu Movie Reiew and Rating

Katamarayudu Review and Rating

కాటమరాయుడు తెలుగు రివ్యూ కోసం క్లిక్ చేయండి

Release Date: March 24th 2017

Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani(Dolly)

Producer: Sharrath Marar

Music Director: Anup Rubens

Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Haasan



katamarayudu(Pawan Kalyan) and his four brothers live a happy life in their village. A strict and serious Rayudu does not marry as he feels that if a girl enters his family, there would be problems between him and his brothers. Avanti (Shrutihaasan) enters into Rayudu’s life, they fall in love with each other. When things seem to be going fine, Shruthi Haasan’s family is suddenly targeted by Bhanu(Tarun Arora). Who is this Bhanu? What relation does he have to do with Avanti’s family? How does Rayudu save everyone? That forms the rest of the story.


The film screams Pawan Kalyan in every scene and the script resonates with his real world tendency to care for the common man and their issues. This is rather smartly laced with Pawan’s romantic track with Shruti Haasan that provides entertainment value.

The first half of Katamarayudu is a nice blend of fresh and recreated scenes from the original. They all gel well and one gets glued to the proceedings. The songs are neatly placed, and the comedy is integrated into narrative nicely. There is nothing vulgar which is always a plus. These elements make the movie watchable despite a very routine and predictable story at hand. The problem lies in the second half where there are less entertainment and more action and drama. Since the story is predictable, both the action and drama appear lengthy and tedious. They have been neatly done and shot, but the freshness is missing. The songs further escalate the miserable mood. The climax is very lengthy and gets monotonous after a point. Overall second half dilutes the confident first half making Katamarayudu an average fare in the end.

The storyline in the second half is predictable and the screenplay is on the slower side. Some of the song sequences are passable while the music and background score remains decent throughout. Prudhvi’s performance as Avanti’s uncle is reminiscent of similar roles by Brahmanandam as he tries to ward off Pawan’s interest for Avanti, and he does a decent job with it. Although the fight sequences continue to hero elevate Pawan, the special effects are a bit tardy in few places especially in the train fight sequence. The climax too is predictable but Pawan manages to shoulder the few imperfections by his sheer screen presence.

Overall its pure mass entertainer and a feast for Pawan Kalyan fans.

Katamarayudu Rating: 3/5