Juliet Lover of Idiot Movie Teaser, Nivetha Thomas, Naveen Chandra

Juliet Lover of Idiot Movie Teaser released

Juliet Lover of Idiot Movie Teaser

  • Starring : Naveen Chandra, Nivetha Thomas
  • Direction: Ajay Vodhirala
  • Producer: Kothapalli R. Raghubabu, K. B Choudary
  • Music : Ratheesh Vega
  • Banner : Anurag Productions

Juliet lover of Idiot movie teaser has launched on 8th August 2017, starring “Andala Rakshasi” movie fame Naveen Chandra, Nivetha Thomas.

In the teaser launch event Naveen chandra expressed his confidence that this movie will definitely entertain the audience. He told that audience can see Nivetha Thomas in a new look. Shooting has been completed and currently in post production work.

Director Ajay Vodhirala told that till now Naveen Chandra known as “Andala Rakshasi Naveen” but after this movie everybody will call him as “Juliet Naveen”. Movie trailer will be launched soon.