DJ Collections not fake, Harish Shankar did take the social media very seriously

DJ Collections not fake

DJ Collections not fake: No other movies collections were as discussed as Duvvada Jagannadham movie collections in the recent past and the main reason behind it being that the producers are claiming that the movie has crossed all Non-Bahubali even though the movie earned a negative talk. This led to calling them as Fake Records by some part of the industry and fans as per sources in the industry.

Recently the movies director Harish Shankar had announced that the movie has crossed 20 crore collections in the Nijam Area and DJ is the second movie in his career to achieve this feat after ‘Gabbar Singh’ and thanked the audience for their love and support.

Harish Shankar went a step ahead and attached the area wise collections of Nijam region and challenged anyone to prove that those figures were fake and will quit directing movies if any one success in challenge. He added that though is in a happy mood enjoying the success of the movie but the Fake collections propaganda is disturbing him and so wanted to set things straight and decided to declare and war against the new negative publicity and people behind it.

He said he is always open for criticism which would make him to know his mistakes and rectify them but will not tolerate fake articles which are robbing the hard work that he and his film unit has kept in making the movie and not letting them to take the credit of enjoying the success.

Harish Shankar did take the social media very seriously and reacted very strongly by saying DJ Collections not fake. Keep watching for more updates.

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