Lavanya is a caring daughter

Lavanya Tripathi was reportedly shooting in Ooty for her next flick, Mister, when she got a call from her elder sister (who was distressed and crying) informing that their mommy got sick and was hospitalised. Lavanya, despite the work load rushed to Dehradun and landed there the next day. Her mother was suffering from dengue shock syndrome, a dangerous form of dengue fever and her BP fell very low. She was in the ICU for four days. All that while, Lavanya stayed strong for the family.

Lavanya shared the experience to media recalling her memories of being the dotting daughter, “We all were very tensed. By God’s grace she’s better now and we got her home too. When my sister and brother would be in the hospital with my mom I was the one taking care of her food and nutrition. Mom was only allowed to eat light food so I would make moong dal khichdi, oats and fruit juices,” said the actress.

Although the reason wasn’t a happy one, Lavanya was glad that she got to spend some quality time with her family. “I had to come back to Hyderabad for shoots. I wish I got to be with her a few more days to take care of my mom. But I will surely visit home for Diwali”. She returned Hyderabad on Thursday.

“Cooking came to me Naturally” says Andala Rakshasi

Lavanya feels cooking came naturally to her when she was in Mumbai. “When I lived in Dehradun, I would never cook. All I knew was making chai. Later when I shifted to Mumbai, I started off experimental cooking and on course learned to cook. Today, I’ve gotten so good at it that people started saying, ‘mere hathon mein jadoo hai’ (laughs).”

Lavanya narrates one such cute moment between the mom-daughter duo. “One day, I made mixed dal for my mother, it’s a typical North Indian dal stuffed with all the pulses, ginger and garlic in it. When my mom tasted it, she said, ‘this is exactly how I make it’. That compliment coming from my mother who is an home cooking expert (including pani puri and samosas) made me very happy.”