Tollywood filmmaker Gunasekhar wrote an open letter to Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu on the topic of tax exemption to “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni”. Gunasekhar mentioned that the Telangana government gave tax exemption to his venture “Rudramadevi” but Andhra Pradesh government didn’t encourage the flick with the same benefit.

But for “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni”, both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments helped the producers with tax exemption. Speaking further, Gunasekhar stated that the history of “Rudramadevi” is not just related to the state of Telangana but is related to Andhra Pradesh too. Rudramadevi took charge of the Kakatiya dynasty from the historical place of Amaravathi, which is now the current capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

Gunasekhar finalized that even Chandra Babu told this aspect in the past in an occasion. Hence, The director requested Andhra Pradesh CM to encourage “Rudramadevi” just like “Gauthami Putra Sathakarni” and give back an equivalent amount of money which was collected as taxes by the AP state for “Rudramadevi” movie.